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Since the start of our company in 1978 there have been two departments in our store. Next to our embroidery part there is a very good sorted framingshop. More information on the framingshop. (Sorry, Dutch only!)


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General | Kustom Krafts | Kkl-daf006: NOG 1 X, ONLY 1 X (DAF-006, #DAF-006) | Kustom Krafts: Unicorn
Kustom Krafts: Unicorn Kkl-daf006: NOG 1 X, ONLY 1 X (DAF-006, #DAF-006)
Brand: Kustom Krafts

Price: from € 16,90
for € 5,00
In stock

Crochet books | Anchor/ Coats/ William Briggs | 0022660-00014 Haken | Granny squares, Anchor Kreativ
Granny squares, Anchor Kreativ 0022660-00014 Haken
Brand: Anchor/ Coats/ William Briggs

Price: from € 1,65
for € 1,00
In stock
General | Kustom Krafts | Kkl-jwn004: NOG 3 X, ONLY 3 X (jwn004) | Kustom Krafts: Nothing is forgotten: Indian
Kustom Krafts: Nothing is forgotten: Indian Kkl-jwn004: NOG 3 X, ONLY 3 X (jwn004)
Brand: Kustom Krafts

Price: from € 16,90
for € 10,00
In stock

General | Le Bonheur des Dames | 1080: blauw linnen (1080) | Lighthouse.Phare,  Le Bonheur des dames
Lighthouse.Phare, Le Bonheur des dames 1080: blauw linnen (1080)
Brand: Le Bonheur des Dames

Price: from € 27,20
for € 20,00
In stock
General | Vervaco | 2002/75.156: INGELIJST MODEL (2002/75.156) | Vervaco, Kingfishers: MODEL
Vervaco, Kingfishers: MODEL 2002/75.156: INGELIJST MODEL (2002/75.156)
Brand: Vervaco

Price: from € 145,00
for € 75,00
In stock

Cushions printed cross stitch | Vervaco | PN-0148118 | Vervaco: Dog, cushion
Vervaco: Dog, cushion PN-0148118
Brand: Vervaco

Price: from € 24,95
for € 22,45
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