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Since the start of our company in 1978 there have been two departments in our store. Next to our embroidery part there is a very good sorted framingshop. More information on the framingshop. (Sorry, Dutch only!)


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Autumn fairs 2014:

We are in Rijswijk Holland, Hasselt Belgium and Utrecht Holland



DMC: Zinnia and Dahlia: BK1283


Wine aprons of Lindner and Permin: only apron, no chart, no kit

1892-0110-010 etc. and 0330B

Lindner's Kreuzstiche: New designs:

056, art. 0403-0514-056 Tropic garden

057, art. 0403-0614-057 Indian Summer


Still more wine aprons/ bottle skirts: 78-4106, 78-4107, 78-4199

permin Bellpull with birds and apples: 35-4119

Dimensions baby kits: 70-73988 and 70-73989


Vervaco Monsters, PN-0150595, PN-0150594, PN-0149885, PN-0149886, PN-0150400

Hello Kitty, still more kits for cross stitch, latchhook etc.

Longstitch cushions: PN-0147911, PN-0147946


Serie for kids, cushions: more: 83-3876, 83-3877, 83-3878, 83-3879

Permin of Copenhagen: Owl in grey, los in grey: 70-4112, 90-4113

Permin, counted cross stitch table runner for Christmas: 68-4258

Beautifull tablecloth and runner, with roses and pansies: 27-3850, 63-3850


Cushions, printed, Vervaco 2014/3: PN-0149064, PN-0144008, see all

PN-0149921, PN-0150453, Puma and Husky

PN-0146240, PN-0145077, Winter landscape and Robins


New. Vervaco teable runners for counted cross stitch: PN-0146877, PN-0150868

And a beautifull tablecloth with peacocks: PN-0148994, printed

Dans mon jardin: Véronique Enginger, 118 pages: E9001982, ISBN: 978-2-299-00198-2

SUPER SALE: gobelin kit 100% wool: 1320-2406


Another book of Maria Diaz: E5647513

Isabelle Haccourt & Nicole Porte: Au fil de l' Océan: E6521718


First cushion Vervaco 2014/3: PN-0145505 - 10%


Last 3 beautifull kits of Wild heart design

last kits: Beardie Designs and The Drawn Thread


Eugen Übelhör: 16 threads per cm linnen, art. 5000 natur, 183 cm w


ONLY 1 x, The birth of Venus, kit: BO-09


Oehlenschlägers Tischwásche, Tischdecken usw., tablecloths etc.

Vervaco sale gobelin canvas: 6011, 6032


Dimensions, Max the cat: 70-35301, -10% introduction price


Lindner's kreuzstiche, 3 new charts:

053 Petitefleur, 054 Frühlings-ABC, 055 Magnolien

Maria Diaz, new book: E5647490: Flowers

en E5647506, Baby


Noah'ark, Last one of Elsa Williams, 02079

Maria van Scharrenburg: The last kits, sale

Heritage Stitchcraft, John Clayon, Valerie Pfeiffer, the last kits


Maria Diaz Borders, ISBN 9780605-5647-52-0, E5647520


Big Tablecloths Vervaco: SALE, art. 2082, 2083, 2087


Latch hook carpets: maya the bee and Hello Kitty:

PN-0148246, PN-0150265, PN-0149833

Metallic, Rainbow Gallery Petite treasure braid is running out


Maia Collection big Eagle: 5678000-01229


Bambi for teh little girls: PN-0150452

Potpourribags fot babyroom: PN-0150139

Bookmarks: Bambi and Little red riding hood: PN-0150895

Vervaco Birth size ribbon: PN-0148744

Vervaco babyroom: Pirate and princes: PN-0148605, PN-0148606

Latchhook Tapestry bear for babyroom: PN-0148083

Latchhook tapestry carpet Deux Chevaux: PN-0149512 and

Volkswagen Beetle: PN-0147487


Book: "Au pays des contes " uit de Mango serie: E2501258

Book: "Maisons d' ici & d' ailleurs ": E6521725 van Renato Parolin



Embroidery cushions with roses: PN-0150068, PN-0150026

WK Football products!! PN-0150043, PN-0014368


Vervaco counted cross stitch wildlife: PN-0150310, PN-0149306

Birds and flowers, Vervaco: PN-0148200


E6522449, On les brode comme chat!, Isabelle Marescaux

Mango Pratique, art. E2501388, So British

Hélène Le Bere, mango Pratique: Les oiseaux, art. 15019/1

Eschenbach clip-on magnifier: 164620. NOW: ? 58,45

Vervaco lavender bags with roses and butterflies: Pn-0150898

Vervaco bookmarks: PN-0146448, PN-0150897, PN-0150899

Woezel & Pip Birthday for boy or girl, 217.018


Annaïck Chauvel with her new designs of Nimuë Fée Main

114K: Les Chamoureux, 115K: Chat va?, 116K: Chat-Mallow, 117K: Chatterton


Still more evenweave, Eugen Übelhör, Monika 28 count 2112/386.

And 36 count linen Eugen Übelhör art. 1405 1/2 bleached


Collection La Chiocciolina for baby


Two new latch hook cushions:

Vervaco: PN-0021650 and PN-0021651


Happy Friends, Bobbi: 92-3310, 92-3311, 92-3312, 92-3313 sale


NEW: Maia Collction: Rare Beauty, Leopard: 5678000-01231


Vervaco: Tav blecloth and table runner with poppies, printed for crossstitch:

PN-0149416, PN-0149931


Rabbits and squirrels Sale


Maia Collection: Blissful Moment: 5678000-01190

New lattchhook owls: PN-0148894, PN-0149283, PN-0149752


CATS sale, counted crossstitch


DOGS counted cross stitch: Sale

Printed cushions Collection d' Art: Sale


SALE: Thea Gouverneur: Flower portrets: 3082, 3083, 3084, 3085, 3086, 3087

Thea Gouverneur: More SALE


Vervaco collection 2014/2:

Tabelcloth printed for crossstitch: PN-0149421, PN-0149871

Same design: Runner: PN-0149762, PN-0150144

Table runner for counted crossstitch: PN-0146694

Printed cushions: PN-0149832, PN-0150137


Again a cow from Thea Gouverneur: 449

Thea Gouverneur, A Dutch phantasy design: 2041: " De Efteling "

Lanarte collection 2014/2 is coming soon


Softline Bath enchantments now also in grey

* 17-04:

Noah's ark: Sale


Beardie Design, The Drawn Thread charts SALE


Vervaco birth samplers in sepia, one for twins:

PN-0148445, PN-0149898, PN-0150172, PN-0149170

*09-04: Still more bath enchantments for bathroom and baby


Vervaco New collection cushions: Parrots: PN-0148750, PN-0021698

Venus pearl cotton 5, 25 grams and 5 grams: SALE


Children embroidery printed 6 to 12 years | Royal Paris | 6102108 (9886102108) | Royal Paris, 6.102.108, Rhinoceros, Printed canvas
Royal Paris, 6.102.108, Rhinoceros, Printed canvas 6102108 (9886102108)
Brand: Royal Paris

Price: from € 14,30
for € 12,75
In stock

General | Anchor/ Coats/ William Briggs | PCE152 (9880.0PCE.0152) | Anchor: Siamese,  ONLY 2 x
Anchor: Siamese, ONLY 2 x PCE152 (9880.0PCE.0152)
Brand: Anchor/ Coats/ William Briggs

Price: from € 9,05
for € 7,00
In stock
Birth Disney  ( adults and children ) | Royal Paris | 642400014, OPRUIMING DISNEY (9886424-00014) | Royal Paris, 6.424-14, Winnie and Piglet
Royal Paris, 6.424-14, Winnie and Piglet 642400014, OPRUIMING DISNEY (9886424-00014)
Brand: Royal Paris

Price: from € 19,90
for € 17,50
In stock

General | Hofer Handarbeitsstoffe | Art. 1892-0110-010 : 4 stuks (Art. 1892-0110-010) | 4 wine aprons
4 wine aprons Art. 1892-0110-010 : 4 stuks (Art. 1892-0110-010)
Brand: Hofer Handarbeitsstoffe

Price: from € 26,00
for € 20,00
In stock
Cushions printed cross stitch | Collection 'd Art / Cewec | 5001 (5.001) | Collection d'art: Cushion orchidee tigre
Collection d'art: Cushion orchidee tigre 5001 (5.001)
Brand: Collection 'd Art / Cewec

Price: from € 24,95
for € 20,00
In stock

Cushions printed cross stitch | Vervaco | PN-0149886 + achterkant + back (PN-0149886) | Vervaco, Monster, cushion
Vervaco, Monster, cushion PN-0149886 + achterkant + back (PN-0149886)
Brand: Vervaco

Price: from € 35,50
for € 31,95
In stock


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