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18-04-2014 - In the last two weeks 434 new items have been added. Take a look at these new items!


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Since the start of our company in 1978 there have been two departments in our store. Next to our embroidery part there is a very good sorted framingshop. More information on the framingshop. (Sorry, Dutch only!)


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Allways more than 5000 kits in stock

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Softline Bath enchantments now also in grey

* 17-04:

Noah's ark: Sale


Beardie Design, The Drawn Thread charts SALE


Vervaco birth samplers in sepia, one for twins:

PN-0148445, PN-0149898, PN-0150172, PN-0149170

*09-04: Still more bath enchantments for bathroom and baby


Vervaco New collection cushions: Parrots: PN-0148750, PN-0021698

Venus pearl cotton 5, 25 grams and 5 grams: SALE


Wine aprons: 78-3824 and 78-2105.


A beautifull tablecloth: Permin of Copenhagen: 58-2960


Permin Table runner for counted cross stitch with DMC pearl cotton, easy tot stitch:

art. 75-3708. With cushion: 83-3708

Permin of Copenhagen cushions for counted crosstitch:

83-3822, 83-3823, 83-3349, 83-3351, 83-3822, 83-3823

12-3822, 70-3303

Dimensions kits new collection spring 2014:

70-35305: Bouquet of tulips

70-35306: Charming waterway ( Venice )

70-35309: Golden retriever puppies

70-35311, Dimensions, Wise owl

70-35304: Winter morning

70-35308: Sheltered, White tigers

70-35307: Paris hydrangea


Sale, printed goblen canvas:

Elephants: 5403


Cushion with Love owls: Permin of Copenhagen: 83-3823

More " Hello Kitty " kits, counted cross stitch, tapestry, latchhook


Lanarte: Jazz cats and Rock cats: PN-00150007, PN-0150008, PN-0150009, PN-0150010

Lanarte: Girl with butterflies: PN-0150005


Lanarte, Asian flower girl: PN-0149999

Floor Light and magnifier, 21 Leds, now also in black, The Daylight Company: EN1091

Vervaco: tablerunners and teblecenters for eastern: PN-0149361, PN-0149070, pasen

PN-0150024: Placemats for eastern, counted cross stitch

PN-0148213: Placemats with cupcakes, counted cross stitch

PN-0148473 en PN-0148703 satin and stemstitches with butterflies

PN-0144407 long table runner satin and stemstitch with butterflies

PN-0145232 en PN-0145233 printed for cross stitch with daisies


Vervaco table runner for counted cross stich for Eastern: PN-0145840

3 new charts of Lindner, 3 neue Lindner Muster: 049, 050 , 051

Vervaco " Easy tot stitch " : PN-0148257, PN-0148256, PN-0149498

Disney SALE, p.e. 2575/2202, 2575/1702, 2575/1708


Lanarte counted crosstitch: Beautiful roses, art. PN-0149996

Pink flowers with a little bird: PN-0149989 and PN-0149990

Moment of reading after Vladimir Volegov, Lanarte: PN-015001

Rhapsody in blue after Vladimir Volegov, Lanarte: PN-0150002

Designed by Jan Kooistra for Lanarte: PN-0149995, Flower basket

Perfect colors: Lanarte spring 2014, art. PN-0149998, African lady

Latchhook kit Noah's Ark: PN-0148231

Vaupel & Heilenbeck band with lace: 20 cm: 1020-200-1 in ivory


For the children: On the farm, birth sampler and size ribbon:

PN-0148149 and PN-0148150

Birth sampler: Little red Ridinghood: PN-0149425< Petit chaperon rouge

Birth sampler: In the wood: PN-0149396

Birth sampler with baby shoes: PN-0148562

Birth sampler rabbit: PN-0144493

Two potpourribags for the babyroom: PN-0149276 and PN-0149277

Two baby size ribbons: PN-0147469 and PN-0147440

Sepia marraige: PN-0148587

Sepaia birthsampler: Mother and child: PN-0147890

Two fairies: PN-0145024 and PN-0148079

I have a lot more fairies: Mirabilia Design, Lavender & Lace, Passione Ricamo etc

Attention: In all productgroups!!not only counted cross stitch

Curios kittens : PN-0148160

How sweet! 3 egg cosies for Eastern: PN-0147927

Happy Eastern, Frohe Ostern: PN-0145636

Vase and pansies: PN-0146578

set of 3 lavenderbags with green birds and butterfly: PN-0149798

and: PN-0147592 with spring flowers

Vervaco counted cross stitch: Blue butterflies, DMC and metallics: PN-0147044


Vervaco spring cushions 2014:

PN-0148718, PN-0149290, PN-0146248, PN-0148429, PN-0148175, PN-0147569,

PN-0147362, PN-0144434, PN-0148459, PN-0149464,


1320/6044: Hieroglyphs

Same serie: 1320-6064, goblen old sailingship

Goblen cushion dog: Vervaco 1320-2406

Eastern tablecloth, Ostern tischdecke: 80 x 80 cm: 2300/360

Vervaco table runner: 40 x 100 cm, NO DMC: 2300/2193

Beautifull tablecloth, 85 x 85 cm, NO floss included: 2084/60906

SALE: Vervaco Tablecloths


VERVACO latchhook carpets and cushions : SALE


Ik était une fois 3 , DMC, by Fabienne Bassang: 14975/1

Still more linen fabrics, now: 7100 Natur, Stickleinen fein: 30 count


Permin, horses: 70-8490

Baby dressing gown: Rico and Beijer


Soon new arrivals of Vervaco and other companies, so now SALE of many items

Anchor Seasonal Cottages: PCE750

*11-01: SALE: Heritage Stitchcraft, " Animal portraits "


Ulrike Blotzheim: Christmas charts, Weihnachts Muster: Vom drauss vom Walde: H4025

" Randje per week ". " A border each week ", One row every day "

Chart for 97 frises: PD-frises


Softline guest towels, chart included or Lindner chart


Make your choice for: " Randje er week "


Pre-printed canvas / goblen: Collection d' art:

13984 en 13985

12990, 12991, 12992


Nimuë Fée Main: 46-Z005 G, 52-M004 G, 108-A049 G en K


Nimuë Fée Main: Le Lièvre et le Postier, The Hare And the Postman: 72-M011G en 72-M011 K

Nimuë Fée Main: Chavonette, 105-P003 G and 105-P003 K


Nimuë Fée Main: La Clef, The Key, 5-G001 G and 5-G001 MK or K


PD-AP 2: Antique doll "Sally", also for counted cross stitch.

Do you want your own doll, we can make a chart or kit for you.

Just mail your Photo by mail in jpg, and tell your wishes.


PD-AP 1: Antique doll, poupee antique, poupee ancienne, muneca antigua, antike pupe,

boneca antiga, bambola antica, antikke dukke, antik docka: counted cross stitch

Bath enchnatment sales DMC, Rico: bathtowels, guest towels, wash gloves


Many bargains, such as the Stitch Smart Stand,

a Daylight Company article: D53047


Abstract/modern cushions: Collection d' Art:

5.191, 5.192, 5.193 and 5.194

We now have almost 600 cushions on our site.

Printed and counted, and 2/3 of it is in stock!!!

And a lot of latchhook cushions


Collection d' Art: 2 cushions, printed with nympheas: 5.173 and 5.174

The rose, one of the most favourite flowers: 5.178 and 5.179

Cushions for the children: 5.184 en 5.185, Bunny and cavia

Printed cushion with rooster, Collection d' Art: 5.190


Religion | Collection 'd Art / Cewec | 11559 kompleet met DMC (11.559) | Collection d'art, gobelin, printed canvas, Cewec: Madonna with the grapes, kit
Collection d'art, gobelin, printed canvas, Cewec: Madonna with the grapes, kit 11559 kompleet met DMC (11.559)
Brand: Collection 'd Art / Cewec

Price: from € 111,20
for € 92,30
In stock

Tablecloth counted cross stitch | Rico Design | 13456.50.23: RICO OPRUIMING (47104.52.23) | Rico tablecloth: 85 x 85 white, counted crossstitch
Rico tablecloth: 85 x 85 white, counted crossstitch 13456.50.23: RICO OPRUIMING (47104.52.23)
Brand: Rico Design

Price: from € 39,20
for € 32,50
In stock
Lace | Zweigart | 7499 - 9060: kant 3,5 cm breed (3650/7499/9060) | Lace, red
Lace, red 7499 - 9060: kant 3,5 cm breed (3650/7499/9060)
Brand: Zweigart

Price: from € 3,85
for € 2,00
In stock

Tablecloth counted cross stitch | DMC | XB1280, OPRUIMING DMC TAFELGOED (XB060) | Tulip tablecloth, offwhite: 80 x 80 cm
Tulip tablecloth, offwhite: 80 x 80 cm XB1280, OPRUIMING DMC TAFELGOED (XB060)
Brand: DMC

Price: from € 59,95
for € 50,00
In stock
Samplers, Abécédaires, Alphabets | Polaris Design | PD-901 pakket 1 (PD-901) | Polaris Design: Turkish borders
Polaris Design: Turkish borders PD-901 pakket 1 (PD-901)
Brand: Polaris Design

Price: from € 82,95
for € 71,40
In stock

Samplers, Abécédaires, Alphabets | Dessins DHC | DHC 99.64 (dhc99.64) | Chasse et pêche: hunting and fishing sampler
Chasse et pêche: hunting and fishing sampler DHC 99.64 (dhc99.64)
Brand: Dessins DHC

Price: from € 9,90
for € 5,00
In stock


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