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Since the start of our company in 1978 there have been two departments in our store. Next to our embroidery part there is a very good sorted framingshop. More information on the framingshop. (Sorry, Dutch only!)


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Zweigart, Orchidea, Christmas cards:

6177, 6178, 6195, 6197, 6208

Duftin Stitch-Art tablecloths, Sale


For the kids, Pako counted cross stitch beginners kit: 210.800

Pako counted cross stitch kit elephant: 237.103

Zweigart books, Cats and Nature: 104/266 and 104/267

Country Companions, Birth sampler: CTM0001: in pink and blue


The last Christmas patterns of Lindner's Kreuzstiche: 058,059,060

Link to their own site for more details


PAKO: birthsampler in sepia: baby and bear: 225.283

ThreadworX, handoverdyed cotton floss, for samplers etc.


Two tablecloths 80 x 80 cm, Duftin: Christmas: 325.059 en Delft blue: 325.339

Collection d' art, printed canvas with owls, art. 10465



PN-0154475, PN-0149535, PN-0147904, PN-0154463,

PN-0154471, PN-0154461, PN-0154474

Many of you bought allready the Soluble Canvas of DMC

Now Permin has complete kits wit theis article.

79-4755, 79-4758, 79-4757 and 79-4761


Permin julbilee: Lower prices:

68-0360 en 83-0360 cushion and runner

70-3120 en 70-3122, nest box and water pump

70-5482: china blue

70-2315, 70-2316, 90-2315 en 90-2316: flowers


Halloween charts and kits


NEU von Lindner Weihnachten: 058, 059, 060


Anchor Country Companions: CTM0003: Me and my dad

CTM0004: Me and my mum

CTM0009: Moses basket birth sampler

Permin of Copenhagen: Chickenfarm: 92-4176

Permin of Copenhagen, bellpull, hunting: 35-9358

Zweigart book: 104/265 Christmas / Weihnachten

Tulip drama, Dimensions, 70-35314


Bookmark owls, Le Bonheur des dames, 4581 ( Marque page chouete ): 4581


Thea Gouverneur: Birth size ribbon Sesamy Street: 769A and

Efteling birth size ribbon: 2052A

* 26-09:

Thea Gouverneur, America: 544 and 544.05

Four latchhook cushions:

PN-0147954, PN-0147955, PN-0147957 en PN-0147958

New bibs / bavetten van Stafil: art. PN-0142180 / 228035

Cushion with owl Vervaco: PN-0150863. Look for all owls here


Santa's flight Stocking, Christmas stocking Dimensions Gold: 70-08923 ( PN-0142189-7008923 )

Winter celebration Dimensions Gold: 70-08919 ( PN-0142189 - 7008919 )

Lanarte, marjolein bastin, Bouquet of daffodils and tulips: PN-0154325, PN-0154324

Marjolein Bastin: Hydrangea: PN-0154328, PN-0154329

Lanarte, Hoem & garden: Flower basket: PN-0154331


Wolves at full moon Vervaco: PN-0148549

Vervaco bookmarks: PN-0150141, PN-0149284, PN-0147887

Vervaco potpourribags: PN-0149462, PN-0150042


Vervaco: Seasons with birds: PN-0147602

Vervaco, counted cross stitch: Proud peacock: PN-0148913

Vervaco, Grey owl: PN-0149952

Vervaco, rabbits in the snow PN-0150174


Birth samplers in sepia: Vervaco: PN-0150185, PN-0150040

Marriage Vervaco: PN-0149249 , PN-0150602


Birth sampler Vervaco baby giraffe: PN-0146204

Birth sampler Lotte with baby hippo: PN-0150995


Latchhook carpet for babyroom: PN-0149292

Baby size ribbon: PN-0149293

Dimensions Gold Collection: Christmas toy shop: 70-08900


Anchor, Maia Collection: Big city rendezvous: 5678000-01211

International rendezvous: 5678000-01224

Urban outings: 5678000-01192

Urban moments: 5678000-01170

Anchor: APC950, First recital ( ballet )


Mango Pratique: Mon jardin secret: 15083, MDS 76270

Mangp Pratique: Esprit boudor: 14953, ISBN: 9782812500732

Le temps Apprivoisė: Les chats au point de croix: 14984, ISBN: 9782299001942

tutti frutti: 71 carreaux de tapisserie: E0090761, ISBN: 9782360090761


General | Solaria Gallery | 1112-62-12 dr.  Kompleet pakket (1112-62- kit) | Solaria Gallery, Stoyanka Ivanova, Theotokos of tenderness
Solaria Gallery, Stoyanka Ivanova, Theotokos of tenderness 1112-62-12 dr. Kompleet pakket (1112-62- kit)
Brand: Solaria Gallery

Price: from € 124,55
for € 102,15
In stock

General | Thea Gouverneur | 3081A (1697/3081) | Thea Gouverneur: Flowerpatterns 1
Thea Gouverneur: Flowerpatterns 1 3081A (1697/3081)
Brand: Thea Gouverneur

Price: from € 59,15
for € 50,00
In stock
General | Permin of Copenhagen | 78-2341 | Permin of Copenhagen: Apron for bottles, wine aprons
Permin of Copenhagen: Apron for bottles, wine aprons 78-2341
Brand: Permin of Copenhagen

Price: from € 25,20
for € 22,70
In stock

Children, counted cross stitch, 5 to 15 years, Disney also | Anchor/ Coats/ William Briggs | DPPN803: NOG 3 X, ONLY 3 X (9880.DPPN.0803) | Anchor Collection: Bookmark Winnie
Anchor Collection: Bookmark Winnie DPPN803: NOG 3 X, ONLY 3 X (9880.DPPN.0803)
Brand: Anchor/ Coats/ William Briggs

Price: from € 16,05
for € 10,00
In stock
General | Lanarte | PN-0021213: NOG 1 X, ONLY 1 X (PN-0021213) | Lanarte, Girl with apple
Lanarte, Girl with apple PN-0021213: NOG 1 X, ONLY 1 X (PN-0021213)
Brand: Lanarte

Price: from € 37,95
for € 30,00
In stock

General | Collection 'd Art / Cewec | 9002: Kompleet met DMC zijde (9002) | Gobelin: roses, printed canvas
Gobelin: roses, printed canvas 9002: Kompleet met DMC zijde (9002)
Brand: Collection 'd Art / Cewec

Price: from € 99,60
for € 83,50
In stock


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